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CAUTION!!! MAN IC Batam was Flooding

OUCH! IT’S FLOOD........

Nongsa-Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Insan Cendekia Kota Batam re-proves its existence in the world of education, art, and culture. In this occasion, MAN IC Kota Batam was being flooded by some achievements from Poli Batam Fair 2017. This event was held on 19-28 October 2017 at Politeknik Negeri Batam. It’s about 61 students participated in 14 divisions of competition, the English festival was followed by 14 students, Water  Rocket (HMM Fair) was followed by 6 students, Essay Writing contest  was followed by 2 students, Short Story competition was followed by 6 students, Design Poster  was followed by 3 people students, Nasyid was followed by 8 students, Live Art was followed by 2 students, Doodle Art was followed by 1 student, Cerdas Cermat Islam was followed by 2 teams consisting of 6 students, Recycle Fashion show contest was followed by 2 teams consist of 14 students.

The event was held regularly every two years. It was a provincial competition-level which held by Piliteknik Batam. For news casting of the English Festival competition was followed by two students of MAN IC Kota Batam and successfully became the winner by ZalfaUlayyah (15) being the champion and M.Wisnu Purbo (15) as the 1st  runner up. Surely, this was a great achievement by considering the other qualified competitors. Meanwhile, Salsabila Shafa (15) who joined the story telling competition contest was being the 2nd runner up of 40 participants from various schools. Actually, almost all representatives of English Festival achieved the top ten for each division. Such as, both debate teams became top eight by Siti Nur Qamariah (16), Alif Akbar Hafiz (17), and Fachri Alhadid Indra (17) as team A, Avif Tiftazani (15), Putri Chalifa(16), and Rizki Ananda Kursadi (15) as team B. Besides,  for  essay writing got top seven by M. Fakhri Wijayanto (15).

            This school can’t stop with those achievements, for short story competition, Fani Putri Safrina (17) became the first winner and followed by Wiska Adellia Putri (17) as the top five. In another division, Neysa Trianagama (16) also managed to be a champion for Live Art competition. Faodzan Makruf (38) as the competition coordinator expressed his gratitude for these achievements of the students of MAN IC Kota Batam at this event, "Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah.  Our work hard was paid by these achievements," Faodzan said whom was met by accompanying students at this competition.

            In addition, Sunday (22/10), fashion show team represented by Halimah Paradiba (16) as a model, Raja Nurdiana, Sella Octavia, Neysa Trianagama, Putri Chalifa, Retno Pangesti, and Tasya Erindah as the team succeed being the 3rd winner. Those are above some achievements we got from Poli Batam Fair 2017.”By having these competitions, all of students of MAN IC Kota Batam are on fire, I do hope for other students are motivated to create their own achievement depend on their talents” Faodzan hoped. 

            Closing ceremony of this event was held on Saturday, 28th October 2017. Thus, officially, all of winner proudly present their achievements to the headmaster and all of family of MAN IC Kota Batam. This ceremonial was held on Monday, 30th October 2017. Zakiah, as the headmaster of MAN IC Kota Batam delivered her gratitude for all champions, she does believe for the other achievements will be achieved soon by students of MAN IC Kota Batam. (Journalist of MAN IC Kota Batam)

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